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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Peter & Anna: married.

It's been awhile since I've written on the blog, but I can't let this one go without a little story behind the photos!

Please meet my beautiful college roommate from Indiana Wesleyan University, Anna. I grew up in a small town and was so excited to get to college for that stereotypical chance to be out on my own, enjoy all kinds of new things, gain new experiences, and meet new people. I was excited about having a roommate. And when I found out MY roommate was a foreign exchange student, AND she was from HONG KONG----oh my goodness. My small town mind went crazy with the thoughts that I wouldn't even be able to understand a word she was saying!

I still remember the first time I saw her. She had the same high pitched voice of excitement that I did about being at college, she was just cute as a button, and she hugged me and we were both so excited to meet each other! I'm sure we jumped around with that high pitch little scream as we both were just so excited to meet each other and be at college! Sure she had this totally cute little accent, but I could understand her---praise God!

And so the rest is history. We may not have seen each other too often over the past several years since those glorious college days, but I love how we pick right back up where we leave off. I even like to think we both still look just as good as we did when we were hot little 19 year olds! I love my little Chinese roommate to pieces, and I was beyond excited to share in her excitement as she told me all about Peter. Peter. Yes, Peter. Peter would become the man that she would marry. The one who makes her eyes light up and the one who makes all of her days better because he is in them. He has been such a gift that I know so many people have prayed for! I'm so happy that these two have each other and that they make each other both so happy too.

The two of these cuties live in Vancouver, and my sister and I had the pleasure to fly out across the country last summer for their wedding. And yes, it was just like old times when I saw Anna, that same high pitched squeally voice came rushing out of both of us when I first saw her at the airport---although I'm not gonna lie, I may have held back a few tears this time as I knew I was going to leave her and she would be a happily married girl! Just like old times. But this time, I got to get another new best friend Peter!

The weekend seemed to fly by, and I wish I just lived across the river so we could see each other more often. Somehow I know though that every time we do meet up in the future, we'll still be 19. We'll still have the high pitched screaming and jumping around when we see each other. And we'll pick right back up where we left off. From now on though, she'll have Peter by her side and I just could not be happier for her.

That said, my friends, allow me to share her world with you! I wish you and Peter all the happiness in the world Anna dear. I love to pieces! Enjoy your photos...oh and just one more thing.  Anna my dear, you're simply gorgeous.  Stunning.  Absolutely beautiful.  I just can't say it enough!  You made one heck of a bride!  And while I'm at it---TWO dresses?  And how cute were they?!  And she made her bouquet.  Yes friends.  It's true!  She's simply amazing!  Oh and just one last thing, promise.  Peter, you and Anna have the BEST friends.  Hands down!  Here's my shout out to some of you that I remember your names---that little Sassy chick (Tina!!!) Larissa and Jimmy, Johnny, Suzy, Grace, Emily and Sheridon.  And what's a party without SPENCER!!!  You guys are the best!  Thanks for making me, my sister and Misty feel like family!