Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jeremiah & Layla: married.

**Click HERE then click on Jeremiah and Layla's last names to view and order photos from the wedding. See bride or groom for password.** 

This was such a fun trip I had heading over to Iowa for Jeremiah and Layla's wedding! Layla is the little sister to one of my very best friends from college, and the last time I saw her at that wedding, she was like 14 or 15. So several years later, it was so much fun to see her all grown up and getting ready to be married to Jeremiah.

The two had a sweet moment together as they saw each other before the wedding. The look on Jeremiah's face was truly priceless. He turned Layla around admiring her from every angle and I'm not sure you could wipe the smile from his face if you tried! Soon after we took a ton of photos, she was walking down the isle towards him, and with tears in his eyes upon seeing her, they were married.

Layla, to say you were a gorgeous bride is an understatement! You seriously were breathtaking, and that dress was just stunning! I have never had so much fun with a group of groomsmen before too. So Jeremiah, thanks for picking each one of them, knowing you would all be hilarious and have so much fun for the photos! I still love that you picked out the menswear, and that little bow tie you wore was just like icing on the cake. So cute! Thanks again for including me in your happy day and I hope you love looking through all these beautiful moments.